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Going with the Flow

Using Your Yoga Practice to "Go with the Flow"

When I think of the word “flow”, images of smooth, even yoga movements come to mind. Some individuals may relate the word to the ebb and “flow” of the tides or even in conversations as “the conversation just flowed.”

“Go with the flow” is defined on as “nonchalantly engage in a situation without trying to change or assert control over it.”

With so many challenges and unknowns surrounding us these days, we are presented with daily opportunities to “go with the flow” as we come face to face with things we simply can’t control.

Yoga practice paves the way for us to learn how to “go with the flow" while harnessing the flow of movement, the flow of breath and even the flow of meditation.

· Flowing in movement allows us to move forward but also allows us to bend, twist, move backwards and even move into stillness.

· Flowing in breath allows us to expand, contract and even hold.

· Flowing in meditation allows us to quiet the mind, to remain in the present moment and to even become the observer.

When we combine the flow of movement, breath and meditation in yoga, we increase our flexibility and become stronger - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The combination of these three elements of flow is the perfect way to increase our resiliency, whether in yoga practice or in the flow of life.

Going with the flow helps us to create or re-create ourselves, releasing all that is stagnant so that we can ultimately “grow through the flow” as well!


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